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Why Choose JP Magson

Why Choose JP Magson......

  • The close working relationships with DFK International member firms around the world ensure the provision of comprehensive, timely, and value added advice across jurisdictions.
  • We offer distinct level of services and attention basing on the challenges faced by our clients. Using the information available at your business; we combine our deep sectorial and technical experience and share meaningful insights and to craft tailored tax planning ideas. Dedicated to serving as proactive advisors, our tax professionals offer a personal touch and treat each engagement uniquely with a focus on challenging assumptions and basis of conclusions. This ensures that all assumptions and basis of conclusions are test against the would be possible treatment within the tax legislations and available practice guidance.
  • Our tax professionals will provide your business with tax strategies that align with the needs of your business and recognize the potential changes that are crucial to sustainable growth.
  • Our tax professionals always stay on top of the latest regulatory updates and are committed to maintaining close communication with our clients to help them understand how they may be affected by these changes.
  • Committed to maintaining close communication with our clients, we update our clients on any amendments that have been made by the regulatory bodies that affect their businesses on a timely basis.
  • We will seek to understand what you want to achieve, how your business works and then structure sound and efficient tax advice that you need to build the value of your business and protect your assets.
  • You need advisors of integrity, those that will stand by you through the smooth and rough times, and those that are candid and can challenge your thoughts and have a direct professional relationship with key officers at various regulatory authorities. We confirm that JP Magson has the professional that can deliver.
  • We have served a wide client base of Non-profit organization and we possess all the knowledge required to advice you on the tax impact on your ideas for such organization.
  • We offer a separate approach in that our transfer pricing resources are integrated with other international and state and local tax services, which include the development of cross-border tax planning ideas.
  • We can help you develop innovative approaches to complex intercompany transactions that may add value to your business operations from both a tax management and implementation perspective.
  • We offer an experienced network of professionals who focus on the development and implementation of strategic compensation and benefits arrangements for taxable and tax-exempt entities.
  • JP MAGSON’s experienced professions take clients through special issues which should be considered when acquiring or disposing of a business or underlying assets and their watches replica related tax issues.  For example; the level of pre-acquisition liabilities incurred by the seller and assumed by the buyer, transaction costs, purchase price allocation, post-transaction filing requirement/elections, financing structure, legal status etc.
  • We critically perform careful technical analysis and financial modelling to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the different alternative structures.
  • We also help sellers and buyers of businesses conducted as sole proprietorships or partnerships with very significant tax issues and tax planning opportunities. In addition, we help to identify other possible tax concerns as part of the due diligence and negotiation process.
  • We will adapt a hands-on approach to help clients understand and implement changing interpretation of the Income Tax Laws and Regulations.
  • With our well-equipped professionals, we offer support to our clients at any time delivering excellent services helping them to navigate the numerous complex tax and accounting guidance on accounting for income tax matters.