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Expatriate tax advice

We recognize that multinational tax challenges are among the most complex and possibly expensive issues facing companies with international operations. At the same time, this complexity provides ample opportunities to optimize profits, increase cash flows and moderate taxes. This therefore needs specialists with diverse knowledge on transfer pricing tax.
JP Magson’s transfer pricing team works to improve transfer pricing policies that are defendable, flexible and corresponding with your company's overall tax planning, leaving you to focus on other operational business objectives and other market strategies.

Planning Ideas
Compliance Services

We give different planning ideas on;

  1. Intangible holding company structures
  2. Intangible property valuations and buy-in payments
  3. Cost-sharing arrangements
  4. Market-share or support planning
  5. Mergers and acquisitions due diligence services

We ensure that our clients are fully compliant by providing;

  1. Documentation studies both international and country-specific
  2. Inter-company policy and implementation guidelines
  3. Inter-company agreements
Benchmarking Services on the following analysis Audit Defence Support

We perform the following analysis;

  1. Financial ratio analysis
  2. Capital structure analysis
  3. Effective tax rate analysis

We offer support services on the following;

  1. Tax authority response and negotiations
  2. Dispute resolutions
  3. Competent Authority submissions
  4. Litigation support and testimony
  1. We offer a separate approach in that our transfer pricing resources are integrated with other international and state and local tax services, which include the development of cross-border tax planning ideas.
  2. We can help you develop innovative approaches to complex intercompany transactions that may add value to your business operations from both a tax management and implementation perspective.

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