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Tax Compliance audits & Advice

At JP Magson, our service attitude is a commitment to proactively communicate with our clients about tax issues and information that impacts their company and industry. This means that we heavily involve engagement professionals with the appropriate level of skill and knowledge in all forms of taxes. Our approach provides professionally prepared returns, related calculations and advice, as well as integrated tax planning.

  1. Full or partial VAT compliance audits
  2. PAYE compliance Audits
  3. General Tax compliance audits
  4. Custom tax compliance audits
  5. Branch Profit repatriation


  1. We guide our client on the whole process keep them abreast with compliance trends and offer timely advice so as to improve compliance.
  • Our tax specialists devise a plan and provide a buffer between you and the Tax Authority and manage the investigation to achieve the best possible result for the clients.
  • Our highly experienced tax specialists deals with all forms of tax audits and have detailed knowledge of the respective rights and powers of the taxpayer and the tax authority, therefore helps the client to negotiate directly with the tax authority to ensure that and charges, penalties and taxes are kept as low as possible.

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