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R & D Credits & Incentives

We help our clients in identifying tax incentives associated with a company's qualifying research and development activities, including national and regional credits and enhanced deductions for research expenses.


We provide more knowledge on the tax benefits and non-tax benefits that clients can be entitled to. Example include;


Tax benefits Non-Tax Benefits
  1. R&D credits and deductions
  1. Cash subsidies and grants
  1. Investment credits
  1. Government-sponsored centres/programs
  1. Tax exemptions or holidays
  1. No/ low-interest loans
  1. Accelerated depreciation
  1. Reduced red tape
  1. Training incentives


    1. The close working relationships of DFK International member firms around the world ensure the provision of comprehensive, timely, and value added advice across jurisdictions.
    2. We combine our deep sectorial and technical experience and share meaningful insights and craft tailored tax planning ideas.
    3. We are dedicated to serving as proactive advisors; our tax professionals offer a personal touch.
    4. Our tax professional team provides your business with tax strategies that align with the needs of your business and recognize the potential changes that are crucial to sustainable growth.

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