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Lead Advisory Services - Mergers Acquisition Disposal

While planning to sell, buy or merge a business you need specialists to help you achieve your strategic alternatives. JP MAGSON’s Corporate Finance team is ideally positioned to assist companies in executing on these strategic alternatives. We also work closely with out tax team for careful planning to minimize and defer tax to the sellers and maximize and accelerate tax benefits to the buyers.

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  1. We carry out detailed study on the potential targets.
  2. Once an acquisition or merger target has been identified, we can support you through the whole process, from initial negotiations/investigation, pricing advice, agreeing the structure of the deal, due diligence, negotiation of the acquisition agreement and working with your lawyers and other advisors until the deal is completed
  3. We help to identify other possible tax concerns as part of the due diligence and negotiation process.
  4. Post-acquisition support in case of acquisitions & mergers.
  5. We can highlight changes in your business that may boost the business’ perceived value to potential buyers
  6. In all your possible Mergers, acquisitions and disposals our professionals will present the entire dealings in a favorable and balanced approach to maximize price benefits whilst controlling the information flow to avoid surprises that might destabilize your counterparts.  

  1. Our professionals assist clients in assessing their business’ market position, developing an acquisition strategy, identifying and screening potential targets, determining value, and navigating the complex acquisition process. 
  2. With the DFK International firms, we work with private business owners, private equity firms, and large public companies on selling entire companies or individual business units. 
  3. In addition to financial review we assist our clients in analysing offers, structuring the transaction, and developing the preferred negotiating strategy.