We have ready volumes of fascinating literature and facts, giving a detailed explanation of every single part of our Up-to-Date House Craftsman Shop. This info may possibly be had without having any obligation on your aspect by mailing the corner coupon.

HOME MECHANICS Produced Straightforward Together with the NEW UP-TO-DATE HOME-CRAFTSMAN SHOP

The Up-to-Date electrical House Craftsman Shop.

can be utilised in any dwelling lighting fixture hence generating of the old fashioned work bench a comprehensive machine shop. The shop total is produced up of a Superpower motor, swiss replica hublot a high grade lathe (10×34 inches) which features the bevel, a miter, side and depth gauges, a superior scroll and jig-saw, and all accessories for buffing, grinding, cleaning and all transportable or stationary drilling and sawing. This collection of electrically driven tools which is total in every detail, will make you an advanced craftsman.

Master mechanics have designed and skilled engineers have constructed this equipment which after inspection, you will agree is one with the best. For those who build, invent, create and construct at property, it really is unexcelled.

Carefully Designed Blue Prints Free to Shop Owners.

Working blue prints of furniture and other items which are useful about the home and shop. Hundreds free to shop owners.

Drilling Turning Grinding
Pointing Sanding
Scroll Sawing
Cabinet Making
and numerous other operations essential to genuine craftsmanship


Under Personal Supervision of Master Craftsman Eugene E. Maurey offers special correspondence crafts course giving in simple detail full information on house handicraft. Blueprint service included in this course FREE to our users. copy hublot watches for sale


After receipt with the Up-to-Date Homecraftsman's Shop if you are not satisfied, devoid of question or delay every cent refunded and return express charges paid. OUR LITERATURE GIVES ALL DETAILS

Your own terms on purchase. $10.00 down- balance arranged to your convenience. Liberal discount for cash.

10 DAY FREE TRIAL Use our shop for 10 days at our expense, if not satisfied-Return-express collect.


2915 South Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill

MANAGER, Dept. A;-Without any obligation please send me full particulars about your shop, 10 day free trial, free blue prints, free crafts course. Also $10.00 down payment offer cartier replica watch .

Property MECHANICS Created Easy With the NEW UP-TO-DATE HOME-CRAFTSMAN SHOP (Oct, 1927)

Of course the actual price of the workshop is in no way talked about. Just the $10 down payment.


Up-To-Date Machine Works


This result of mechanical genius, a handy up-to-date, created to order work-bench equipment, bears your investigation. Illustrated under fake hublot watch , we present for the inspection, a comprehensive set of craftsman's tools that happen to be indorsed by Master Mechanics as getting as effective, transportable and practical a set of home-work-shop implements, as has ever been offered for public use. The installation of wood turning lathes, electric saws, and such equipment as is needed to produce your work-bench a source of true accomplishments in household mechanics, has till now, necessitated a significant revenue investment. It is actually now possible with only $10.00 down to acquire the whole gear pictured under.

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