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In question quantity thirteen I asked "What characteristics do you count on to create the greatest strides-body-design, engine style, safety-factors or common performance"

This brought an astounding similarity, all answering body-design using the exception of Shaw, who rated body-design second to engine improvement. fake audemars piguet It is possible to see from this that the companies are interested in eye-appeal, which they have recognized for many years because the strongest promoting point.

Question quantity fourteen "Do you anticipate a change in highway systems so that coast-to-coast trips is often produced in future automobiles in 3 days or significantly less with no much more work than it takes to do it in six now"

In going more than the answers to this question, it really is interesting to find out that the 'conservative, stable producers, for one of the most component, played cozy and it is also exciting to find out that the men who currently have proven themselves fearlessly outspoken, said yes. J. W. Frazer is the only man with lengthy automotive manufacturing encounter who came out flatly and mentioned, "Yes, we'll be able to make the coast-to-coast trip in three days." Shaw answered replica tag watches , "Absolutely, super-highways by- passing towns will make a three-day trip from coast to coast really easy."

As one particular who had driven coast to coast several times I ought to say I wholly agree with these two. A continuation on the Pennsylvania turnpike or related road would make it a cinch.

Question number fifteen was "How a lot of years do you feel it will be prior to we've combination car-planes or flying automobiles around the marketplace and do you anticipate that these will ultimately entirely replace the standard automobile that won't fly"

All answered either "not practical" or "not in demand," with the exception of Stout who was operating along these suggestions some years ago and who says we are going to have roadable planes in ten years but even he added to his answer the comment that they may not replace the common automobile. Wilbur Shaw believed we are going to have roadable planes around the market shortly but they will leave significantly to become desired, for, as he points out, a roadable aircraft or flying auto will not be a great vehicle or even a good plane, but they will be accessible on the market.

Bill Stout said they're going to be smaller sized outdoors using the identical amount of room inside, when Ford felt they could be in regards to the exact same and Frazer said they're going to be bigger. So, on this question, take your pick!

Questions eleven and twelve "Do you count on the vehicles is going to be much decrease in over-all height" and "Will the automobiles have far more interior room"

It is fascinating how the answers to this question ran. Roy Cole of Studebaker answered that the cars won't be any reduced and will not have any additional interior room watch audemars piguet replica . audemars piguet fake watches He's undoubtedly working with his car or truck as a criterion which is worm higher as you know and has one of the most interior space in the standpoint of seat width of any vehicle on the market, except the Kaiser and Frazer, each of which have even more space than the Studebaker. Frazer replied that the vehicles is going to be decrease but not much , and he also stated the cars may have additional interior room. All others stated more interior space and lower silhouette.

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