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Audit & Assurance Services

On this page, we offer you the information about the range of audit services provided by JP MAGSON and how we can apply our professional expertise to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations and hence increase value and profitability.
Audit & Assurance are at the heart of the services we offer to all our clients. Services such as Audit, Accounting Support, Financial Reporting and Risk Advisory and management will give you the confidence and the stability you need to manage your business effectively and foster achievement of your business objectives.
Our Audit and Assurance team provides an expert service to many different organizations; both in the private and public sectors. Our clients range from small owner-managed businesses to listed companies (through Associates), partnerships, charities and Government bodies- and we cover a broad range of industries and sectors.


What does our Audit & Assurance team offer?

In broad terms, our audit and assurance team understands that you need the following;

  • As a decision maker, owner of the business and or a Trustee; you need to be sure you are acting upon reliable information.
  • You need to be sure that reports reflect the truth on ground, be aware of your business risks and know that they are managed effectively.
  • You need faith in your underlying accounting systems and controls, and the certainty that you are compliant with key legal requirements.
  • You also need to inspire your stakeholders, investors, employee and customers with the same confidence so that they can move at the same pace with you.

The above is among what JP MAGSON believes is important if you are to manage and grow your business and projects with confidence. At JP MAGSON we term this as managing with confidence.

JP MAGSON professionals are committed to guide you through the entire process while giving you the assurance you need at each stage of your organization’s development.