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Accounting for income taxes

Accounting for income taxes needs specialists with broad understanding of the income tax laws and regulations. JP MAGSON’s Income tax accounting team have experience in helping out its clients in different areas which includes;

  1. Deferred income tax computations and reconciliations
  2. Income tax on contingences
  3. Income tax on Business combinations
  4. Income taxes on acquisitions of property plants and equipment
  5. Valuation allowance analysis
  6. Repatriation of foreign earnings

We also provide consultation services concerning assessing tax positions to assist management in the required analysis of accounting for uncertain tax positions. Some of the consultations that we provide include;

  1. Inventory tax positions
  2. Preparation of tax opinions
  3. Transfer pricing studies
  4. Permanent establishment analysis
  5. Loss limitation analysis
  6. State tax structures
  1. We will adapt a hands-on approach to help clients understand and implement changing interpretation of the Income Tax Laws and Regulations.
  2. With our well-equipped professionals, we offer support to our clients at any time delivering excellent services helping them to navigate the numerous complex tax and accounting guidance on accounting for income tax matters.

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