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Accounts Payable Operations Consulting

JP MAGSON professionals offer consulting and customized training in all areas related to accounts payable. We offer consulting to a number of small and mid-size organizations helping them introduce best practices into their accounts payable operations to improve controls and efficiency.
Account payable outsourcing to JP MAGSON ensures a streamlined accounts payable process flow, thereby maintaining a significant impact on the profits of your business. With this in mind we ensure a prompt and professional accounts payable system which gives client the freedom to concentrate on their pertinent financial issues.

  1. Purchase orders verifications and processing
  2. Matching of approved Purchase orders & invoice amounts to eliminate overpayments
  3. Aging analysis report
  4. Maintaining & production of monthly Accounts payable Ledger
  5. Accounts payable reconciliation
  1. We give you reference letters when required which may increase your opportunity to secure advance business credit from potential suppliers in case of sudden requirement.
  2. We give you the ability to make quick expenditure decisions with the help of our ready accounts procedures.
  3. We ensure you receive quality solutions of simplified and effective accounts payable workflow, immediate tracking and reporting of payables

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